ACC Parishes in delaware

The Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic States currently has 1 parish in the State of Delaware. We invite you to visit one of our churches. 

Don't see a Church near you? Please contact Fr. Geromel for further information. 


Saint Mary's Anglican Church

4201 Washington Street

Wilmington, DE 19802

(302) 764-9080

Fr. Edward Andercheck


Fr. Charles Mattina,

Assitant Priest

Fr. Demetrius Kanellopoulos

Priest Associate

Service Times

Sundays: 10am

Tuesdays: 4pm Evening Prayer

Thursdays:  10am Morning Prayer

Weekday Masses are usually offered. Please refer to the Facebook page for a schedule. Further information can be obtained by phoning Fr. Kanellopoulos on (610) 955-6745