Are you called?

Do you hear the Lord calling out to you to serve His Church? Do you wonder if God has something more planned for your life? The Commission on Ministry is here to help you hear and discern the Lord’s call – and to respond with a generous heart.

The Anglican Catholic Church ordains men, single and married to the order of the diaconate (deacons) and to the ministry as priests (presbyters), in addition to the Order of Bishops (episcopate.) 

For men discerning a call to religious life, there are several options for men who are feeling called to the celibate priesthood as members of a religious order, including Benedictines, Franciscans, and the Congregation of the Good Shepherd. 

Women who are called to the religious life are equally welcome to discern a vocation as a celibate sister or nun in the Benedictines, Franciscans, and the Congregation of the Good Shepherd.

Additionally, for single (celibate or widowed) women over the age of 35, who feel called to serve the Church in a particular ministry, similar to that of a professed sister, the Anglican Catholic Church also commissions women as Deaconesses, which is a wonderful ministry of service in the Church.

Finally, most religious and monastic congregations also welcome laymen and women, as well as clergy to join them in a particular ministry of service and prayer as a Professed Oblate. 

Please contact us today if you are discerning a vocation and we are very much looking forward to discern with you. 

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