Already Ordained And Discerning A Vocation To Serve As A Priest or Deacon in The ACC?


Transferring to the ministry in the  Anglican Catholic Church

All Christians have a call to serve, but not all are called to the ordained ministry.  If you feel that you are called to the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC) and would like to transfer from a different Jurisdiction it is best to begin by first making sure the following requirements have been met:


1.     Are you a baptized, confirmed and ordained member in a recognized body of solid Catholic Traditions?  Some examples:  Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican Communion prior to 1975, Polish National Catholic Church, United Episcopal Church of American, Anglican Province of Christ the King, Anglican Province of America, Anglican Church in America, Diocese of the Holy Cross – or any other Christian body.

2.     Are you a communicant in good standing in one of those Jurisdictions?

3.     Are you a male currently over the age of 25?

4.     Are you currently serving as a priest or deacon in a parish?

5.     Have you talked to an ACC parish priest or bishop about your interest in the ACC?


Once you have considered the above questions and are prepared to continue:


1.     Contact the Diocesan Secretary (or have parish priest do so) to obtain an application.

2.     The application will need to include copies of baptism, confirmation, marriage certificates, divorce decree and annulment (if applicable), recommendation from your parish priest, the vestry and a letter of support from your wife, if married.  Also to be included are college and seminary transcripts (sent direct from the institution) and ordination certificates (diaconate and priesthood) as applicable.

3.     Be prepared to have a background investigation and psyche evaluation (w/MMPI) completed, even if completed in your previous Jurisdiction.

4.     Once all documents have been prepared, and ACC parish priest or Bishop will review, endorse and submit application.

5.     Approved applicants will now meet with the Diocesan Commission on Ministry.


Now is the opportunity for you to tell the Commission on Ministry a little about yourself and why you feel called to the Anglican Catholic Church.  After meeting with you and reviewing the application and documents provided, the commission will make a recommendation to the Bishop for transfer to the ACC.  The following items can be completed before meeting with the commission.


1.     If approved, the minister’s educational history will be reviewed.

2.     The review will determine a path for Anglican Formation if necessary.  All clergy transferring to the ACC are required to meet Canon 11 requirements.  An individualized formation path can be developed and some educational requirements may be necessary, via university, seminary or diocesan reading program.

3.     The minister will continue to meet with the commission until all educational requirements and formation issues been met and the Commission feels the minister is ready to be received.  If it has been determined that the minister’s order are in doubt, to the Diaconate or Priesthood a sub-conditione ordination if necessary.  If both Priesthood and Diaconate are necessary, both Orders shall not be on the same day. Canons require an assignment to a parish or other ministerial post following ordination.

4.     Every 6 months during the educational formation process, the local parish priest will provide an evaluation to the Bishop Ordinary summarizing the minister’s progress through the completion of Anglican Formation.