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Spring Clericus
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Synod 2023
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The church is holy

The first mission of the Church is the worship of Almighty God.  And it is in this context that the holiness of individual members is realized.  Our worship is elegant, respectfully formal, essentially timeless in its form and attitude.  That does not make it an historic relic or a sterile ritual.  Rather it is a structured worship that allows the individual mastery over its elements and the ability to pray the liturgy on a deeply personal basis.  

Yes, our prayers are largely “written down,” but this is so we may use them as familiar and personal avenues to God. Nothing to our mind is more productive of passivity in worship than to have someone else pray for you in ways and words you are hearing for the first time and which cannot be your own (or with which you may, in fact, disagree!).  Our liturgy provides the foundation for personal holiness, for the continuing process of each member to stretch and reach and grow in God’s grace.

In such a fearful world, we need a fearless church” C.S. Lewis

WE Welcome you BACK Home

Have you stopped going to church because you find that the worship is no longer what it used to be? Are you missing dignified and prayerful worship according to the 1928 Prayer Book?  Did you grow up in the Episcopal or Roman Catholic Church in the years before liturgical changes? Or are you younger and find that "modern" worship leaves you feeling empty? We welcome you back home! You will find what you are looking for in the Anglican Catholic Church.

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About our Church

We are the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. We uphold traditional worship.....

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Do you feel called to serve the Church as a priest, brother, or sister? 

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The Anglican Catholic Church worships using the traditional Book of Common Prayer, and other authorised derivatives.
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If this is something familiar to you or something you've been searching for - we welcome you to join us to worship our Lord and Savior in the beauty of Holiness.

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Our Mission

The DMAS of the Anglican Catholic Church strives to be a unified, informed, educated and growing diocese with a deep understanding of the Catholic faith, Anglican worship and the Holy Scriptures.

Our Vision

That the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic States of the Anglican Catholic Church be a unified, informed, educated and growing Diocese with a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, Anglican worship and the Holy Scriptures. 



The Church of God and our experience in a life of prayer affects everyone differently. Some of our faithful share their personal experiences why they are members of the Anglican Catholic Church. Visit a church today to learn more.